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1-2DRY underarm pads has the following product properties;         

·         prevents perspiration stains under the armpit

·         protects clothing against stubborn stains 

·         an absorption capacity of up to 15 ml for the Medium variant and up to 20 ml for the Large variant per pad. As an indication; an average person perspires some 8 ml per day per armpit. Someone who perspires above averagely can produce some 12 ml. More excessive perspirers can even perspire up to 20 ml per armpit per day

·         consumer decides which variant is suitable. Other factors apart from absorption capacity include the physical build of the person  and personal preference 

·        the pads are suitable for average and above-average underarm perspiration  


·         all variants are unisex and therefore for both her and him  

·         pads are thin, soft, comfortable and invisible when worn 

·         constructed from natural materials and therefore suitable for all skin types

·         off-white and dark pads for every color of clothing

·         pads are suitable for one-off use

·         hygienically wrapped per two in PE foil    

·         Made in The Netherlands


Now there’s a product that not only comes to your assistance during those uncomfortable moments, but also makes your clothes last longer.

1-2DRY Underarm pads
Are pads which you simply attach to the inside of your clothing. Because they’re thin and soft, they conceal that all-too common and especially embarrassing problem quickly and discreetly.

1-2DRY underarm pads make the times you couldn’t wash out stains in your favourite shirt a thing of the past. Forget those high dry cleaning costs for getting your favourite jacket cleaned. 1-2DRY Underarm pads are available in 2 sizes: Medium & Large. Depending on the amount of perspiration, the size of the underarm area, and the personal needs of the consumer.

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