12 Fragranced White Pads

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12 white fragranced armpit pads that you stick in clothing under your armpits for protection. These 1-2 Dry Armpit pads with micro perfume capsules give you even more fresh security. The perfume is released when you wear the pads, so you are always assured of a fresh scent under your armpits.

The Talco perfume is contained in the pads. This perfume is stylish, neutral and unisex and can be combined with your deodorant.

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1-2DRY armpit pads are now available in more than 10 countries including of course the Netherlands where the brand started. They are made in Italy. In contrast to the sewn-in armpit pads in the Palettio shirts, this is a disposable product after use.

It is as simple as it is effective. A disposable pad that you stick in clothing under your armpits for protection. Your perspiration is collected and your clothing stays clean and dry. They are for single use and have an absorption capacity that is basically sufficient for a whole day. If you perspire a little more, you simply switch more often.

You don’t feel them (not even 1.5 mm thick), you don’t see them and they do their work in a place where many people can use help. If only to protect your clothes from stains. No botox or heavy anti-transparencies full of metal particles, but just a simple and friendly solution.

Which are best for you?
These pads come in 2 sizes. The size you need depends on physical condition (where do you sweat) and on the amount of fluid that needs to be collected (how much do you sweat). You can easily estimate this yourself. An armpit pad MEDIUM can absorb 12 ml of fluid on average. As indication; someone who perspires on average loses 8 ml of fluid per armpit. Our LARGE armpit pad absorbs 16 ml.

The pads are packed in a handy wrap and come with clear instructions.


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